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First Penance & First Eucharist Preparation

2023 - 2024 Together in Jesus First Reconciliation and First Eucharist RFY

Thank you for being a part of Together in Jesus First Reconciliation and First Eucharist Programs at-home for RFY this year!  Our hope is that this will provide some additional background for First Penance and First Communion preparation here at Saint Maximilian Kolbe Church.  This WILL NOT replace the First Penance and First Eucharist preparation program.

Links to weekly lessons can be found below.  They will be updated by Sunday evening of each week.

Please submit each week’s materials either directly via email to OR  submit paper version to the SACRAMENT “MAILBOX” which can be found on top of the mailboxes in the breezeway. PLEASE INCLUDE YOUR YOUTH’S NAME ON ANY EMAIL/PAPER DOCUMENTS SUBMITTED.

General Notes…

  1. In the middle of the lessons, you will find "Questions Parents Ask About First Reconciliation" and "Questions Parents Ask About First Eucharist."  I would encourage you to take time to read these.
  2. REQUIRED ...Gospel (readings included with the lesson).  There are three possible ways to "reflect" on the Gospel (only one is required
    1. IF YOU HAVE CHILDREN DOING FUEL WITH PFLAUM ALSO, please feel free to continue to reflect as a family and submit your reflection through the JOT FORM.  Please just indicate this is what you have done.  
    2. A short summary or picture explaining the Gospel can be submitted.
    3. Questions provided with the Gospel may be answered.
  3. REQUIRED...Together in Jesus Lessons - There are six lessons for each sacrament.  This will always be the first week of a numbered lesson.  Email answers to questions from pamphlet. (Alternatively, take a photo of completed questions, games, or activities and attach a photo(s) to your response email)
  4. REQUIRED...Family Time Poster or Family Activity and Memory Book - There is "Family Time" on a poster that can be found in the middle of the lessons as well.  This will always be the second week of a numbered lesson.  Complete the activity and  email responses.   The book was also included with original materials.(Alternatively, take a photo of completed questions, games, or activities and attach a photo(s) to your response email.)
  5. Supplemental..."My Familly Activity and Memory Book" for both sacraments were in your packets.  These materials are not required, but offer additional opportunities for extending each lesson at-home.

Lesson # 1  September 17

Lesson # 2  September 24

Lesson # 3  October 1

Lesson # 4  October 8

Lesson # 5 October 15

Lesson # 6 October 22

Lesson # 7 October 29

Lesson # 8 November 5

Lesson # 9 November 12

Lesson #10  November 19

Lesson # 11  November 26

Lesson # 12  December 3

Lesson # 13  December 10

Lesson # 14  December 17

Lesson # 15  January 7

Lesson # 16  January 14

Lesson # 17  January 21

Lesson # 18  January 28

Lesson # 19  February 4

Lesson # 20  February 11

Lesson # 21  February 18

Lesson # 22  February 25

Lesson # 23  March 3

Lesson # 24  March 10

Please don’t hesitate to contact Robin Burbrink with any questions! 

Ministry Contacts

Robin Burbrink
(513) 777-4322
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