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Almost Home

We're almost home! Our expansion project is well on it's way and is nearning completion of the building shell. In order to fully complete this project, we need to raise the funds to cover the costs of completing the interior structures, purchasing the furnishings, all the furniture, the audio-visual equipment, kitchen fixtures and appliances, etc.  We need your help to bring this project home. 

 $1,500,000 is our goal.  In our gathering space, you will find a large banner with a blueprint of the expansion marked off by a grid.  That grid reveals the number of square feet our expansion occupies, coming in at approximately 5,837 square feet.  If you divide 1.5 million dollars by 5,837, you arrive at $257.  That is how much it will cost, $257 per square foot, to finish our expansion.  How many square feet can you cover?

Goal:  $1,500,000
Square feet: 5,839

Cost per square foot: $257

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