Saint Max Church

Twinning with St. Patrick's, Soroti, Uganda

About Our Ministry

Welcome to our St. Max Twinning Ministry. It is a ministry in which our parish joins with the parish of St. Patrick’s Madera, Soroti, Uganda in an active and on-going faith commitment.

The purpose of this ministry is to bind our parishes together spiritually, culturally and in a mutual sharing of available resources, all in Jesus’ name.  It involves each of us crossing over into the other cultural, economic, political, linguistic and religious environments.

Why Twin? “Love your neighbor as yourself.” St. Pope John Paul II wrote, “Sacred Scripture continually speaks to us of active commitment to our neighbor and demands of us a shared responsibility for all of humanity. This duty is not limited to one’s own family, nation, state, but extends progressively to all…" (Centesimus Annus CA, no.51)

Each of us are universal church members of God’s family. We will grow and share our faith journeys together with Our Lord by learning from each others spiritualties, service and worship styles and economic and cultural differences. We will develop unity and solidarity with the people of St. Patrick’s Church Madera, Soroti, Uganda parish.

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Pen Pals

Welcome to the St. Max Twinning PEN PALS!  The foundation of our Twinning Ministry is a prayerful relationship with our brothers and sisters in Christ from St. Patrick’s church in Soroti, Uganda.  You are embarking on a journey to making new friends in Soroti and hopefully, growing in your faith.

The request is to write a one-page letter to the catechist family (detailed instructions are below).  If for any reason, you are unable to fulfill this commitment, please send an email  with your name and the name of your catechist to or please call the office (513-777-4322) and leave this information.    This will enable us to find a new match for your family as quickly as possible.

Ministry Contacts

Dan Suer
(513) 652-9787