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Bible Studies

Beginners to seasoned scripture scholars are welcome to join our St. Max Bible Studies. These groups meet weekly to read, study and discuss the Bible via study guides and DVD programs. Most studies begin in the fall and continue through the spring but you are welcome to join at any time.

Ministry Contacts

Cathy Casto
(913) 488-2625

Current Scripture Study Opportunities

Please consider joining us for a weekly Scripture study. All are welcome! Beginner to intermediate, men and women, young and old.

Jesus and the Jewish Roots of the Eucharist

We offer two different times to choose from:

-Tuesdays, 9:30 - 10:45 AM
beginning on June 27 through August 1

Suggested Donation: $2

Register by June 19

Register by emailing Lamis Hajjar at

-Wednesdays, 7:00 - 8:30 PM
beginning on July 12 through October 4 (we will meet every 2 weeks)

Suggested Donation: $2

Register by July 2

Register by emailing Cathy Casto at 26mileturtle@gmail.comor calling her at 913-488-2625.

Description: Jesus and the Jewish Roots of the Eucharist shines fresh light on the Last Supper by looking at it through Jewish eyes. Using his in-depth knowledge of the Bible and ancient Judaism, Dr. Brant Pitre answers questions such as: What was the Passover like at the time of Jesus? What were the Jewish hopes for the Messiah? What was Jesus’ purpose in instituting the Eucharist during the feast of Passover? And, most important of all, what did Jesus mean when he said, “This is my body… This is my blood”?

To answer these questions, Pitre explores ancient Jewish beliefs about the Passover of the Messiah, the miraculous Manna from heaven, and the mysterious Bread of the Presence. As he shows, these three keys—the Passover, the Manna, and the Bread of the Presence—have the power to unlock the original meaning of the Eucharistic words of Jesus. Along the way, Pitre also explains how Jesus united the Last Supper to his death on Good Friday and his Resurrection on Easter Sunday.

Inspiring and informative, Jesus and the Jewish Roots of the Eucharist is a groundbreaking work that is sure to illuminate one of the greatest mysteries of the Christian faith: the mystery of Jesus’ presence in “the breaking of the bread.”

The Imitation of Christ
Mondays, 2:30 - 3:30 PM
beginning on September 12
Meets virtually via Zoom
Contact: Louise Karas,

Register online at or by emailing Louise Karas at or calling her at 513-341-8432.

The Book of Wisdom
Tuesdays, 9:30 - 11:30 AM,
beginning on September 13

Contact: Lamis Hajjar,

Wisdom’s study is a great study presented by Jeff Cavins and contains eight sessions. In this study you will :

  • Discover what wisdom is ( and what it isn’t! ).
  • Learn new habits for increasing wisdom in your daily life.
  • Gain confidence, through role models and practice, in living according to God’s vision. 

Register by emailing Lamis Hajjar at or texting her at 740- 463-1081.

The Bible Timeline: The Story of Salvation
Fridays, 9:30 - 11:30 AM
beginning on September 16
Contact: Lamis Hajjar,

“The Bible Timeline: The Story of Salvation” study is a fascinating study presented by Jeff Cavins, and contains 23 sessions.  It’s a simple way to get the ”big picture” of the Bible by focusing on the story that runs throughout sacred scripture. In this study, you will discover what scripture reveals about God’s plan and our plan within it. 

Register by emailing Lamis Hajjar at

Interested in leading a study?

Bible Study facilitators do not have to have be Bible scholars to lead a study!  If you are interested in leading a Bible study at a time that fits into your schedule or a study in which you are interested, but is not currently being offered, please email We will be happy to assist you with training, materials and promotion.  

Are you leading a Bible Study that is open to new participants?  To publicize your study and invite new members or for details to start a study,  email