Saint Max Church

Feast of St. Maximilian Kolbe

Our parish will celebrate this feast at Masses on August 17th and 18th, 2024. What better way to celebrate while staying safe than to create your own Polish feast at home?  My husband and I traveled to Poland for our niece’s wedding in 2010 where we fell in love with the people, the country and, of course, the food!  For those of you who are of Polish heritage and those of us who are Polish at heart, I hope you will try one or more recipe or add a tradition to this wonderful feast day. Do you have a Polish tradition or favorite recipe?  Please share it on Facebook and tag St. Max! 

- Cathy Casto, Parishioner

In honor of our parish patron, all are invited to wear red to Mass (whether attending in person or online), on August 12/13. We wear red to honor St. Maximilian, as martyr, as he chose to lay down his life for a fellow prisoner in Auschwitz during World War II.

Family Activity

St. Maximilian Kolbe founded the magazine, The Knight of the Immaculata, to spread devotion to Our Lady and to teach the faithful.  He did not have any money, so he had to find funding to publish the newsletter.  It was not an easy task in the financially struggling nation of Poland.  With the impending threat of not being able to publish the Immaculata, St. Maximilian turned to our Blessed Mother.  Praying before an altar dedicated to her, the saintly man asked Mary for the money he needed to do her work. Lifting up his head from prayer, he saw an envelope on the altar with these words upon it: “For Thee, my Immaculate Mother.” Inside was exactly the amount of money he needed. The work was able to continue.
God fills our days with blessings and unexpected gifts.  Made in His image and likeness, how can we bring unexpected gifts and blessings to the people in our lives?

In honor of St. Max’s feast day and our Blessed Mother, as a family, put together a care package for a neighbor or loved one and leave it for them anonymously, or perhaps place cards of love and support in the mailboxes of others in your neighborhood. May we all be reflections of God’s abundant generosity!