Saint Max Church

Governance Model

Parish Governance Model

So how did the actual parish governance model come into being? Our Pastoral Council listed all parish ministries, activities and organizations and grouped them together by similarity and purpose. There were a varied number of groupings as this task began! But the final model put each of the parish groups into one of four quadrants. The similarities and purposes then gave birth to the names of the quadrants with a commission at the top as the primary consultative group for that area of ministry. When the groups in a quadrant identify a need or have an idea or an issue, this goes to their respective commission. When the pastor, parish staff or Pastoral Council needs consultation on a particular issue, an individual commission will normally be the place where a consultation is made depending on what the subject matter is. Thus, the primary role of a commission is to synchronize and support the ministries under it and to act as the primary consultative body for issues in their area of ministry.