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What is a Vocation?

What is a vocation? Quite simply, a vocation is how you choose to respond to God's call, using the gifts you have been blessed with in a way that best honors, serves, and pleases our Lord. A vocation includes: ordained vocations such as the Priesthood and Diaconate, the consecrated religious life for men and women, marriage, parenthood and the single life — all ways of living our lives in dedication to our Lord.

Promoting Vocations in Our Parish Family

Guided by the Holy Spirit, the St. Maximillian Kolbe Vocations Ministry is devoted to the promotion and awareness of religious vocations by nurturing a culture of discernment, prayer and encouragement to be open to God’s call.

Vocations Ministry Team: Pray, Encourage, Support...

The Vocations Ministry seeks to encourage parishioners to pray for and consider Vocations to the priesthood, sisterhood, permanent diaconate, brotherhood and lay ministry. Committee members spend time as available coordinating different aspects of vocation education and awareness. If you are interested in joining the Vocations Ministry please contact Mary Ella Wielgos.

Ministry Contacts

Fr. Jim Riehle
(513) 777-4322