Saint Max Church


First Penance/Communion Prep Volunteers

The Eucharist is truly the Source of our faith and the Summit of our faith. To have Jesus, himself, come to us in his Body, his Blood, his Soul and His Divinity in the Eucharist is why we are all here, why we keep coming back; it is what makes us Catholic. Receiving Jesus is our greatest source of blessings and affects our daily lives more than we can possibly know. Receiving our First Penance prepares us to receive Him by receiving his mercy.

So preparing our young people for First Penance and First Communion is to prepare them for the most life-changing moment they have had since their Baptism. It is an honor and our sacramental preparation team works hard to make sure that each child has as deep and profound an understanding of this as possible. 

To do this, we are in need of some helpers. We are looking for willing hands and hearts to help.

If you would like to lend your time and talents to help in this ministry, please contact Robin Burbrink, 513-777-4322 Ext. 124, for more information.