Water Well Project


Goal: Provide funding to our sister parish,
St. Patrick’s in Soroti, Uganda, for the installation of 
34 deep water wells that will provide safe drinking water. 

The Need: Fr. Henry, pastor of St. Patrick’s,
 indicates that water is currently available; however, the
 long distances people must walk to retrieve the water and carry it back to their huts causes severe hardships, most especially for the elderly and the sick.

Evangelization: The wells will be available for the use of the community at large, not only benefitting our brothers and sisters from St. Patrick’s but all the people in the nearby area. A water well is the focal point of the community. For women, it’s a place to meet and interact with others.

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If you belong to an organization or group that is raising the total amount for a memorial well (5,000) please use the notes field on the donation page to make sure your donation counts to that group. For example: Knights of Columbus Well