Saint Max Church



Cantors (by audition)  

The role of cantor is to assist in leading music at Mass when a choir is not scheduled. On occasion, however, a cantor is needed to serve as a psalmist with a choir (i.e. our youth choirs).  A primary focus is leading the psalm (the Psalmist) at a given liturgy.  Cantors are by audition or selection by the Director of Music Ministry. Though not required, it is preferred that cantors be members of the parish choir. Your skill and leadership is valued in the larger group, and your participation is an example of being part of the ministry at large, rather than simply a soloist.  The cantor is an “above and beyond” role.

Cantors who are not regular members of the Parish Choir may be asked on occasion to sing as a “Cantor Choir” for a handful of liturgies throughout the year when special rehearsals will be arranged (typically published each year mid-summer).

Those interested in being a cantor should contact the Director of Music Ministry, Ron Miller, at 513-777-4322 Ext. 108