We have the great responsibly of giving our children the gift of faith.  “Books can help but ultimately, sharing the faith cannot be delegated to books or media.  Faith can be awakened only by the oldest means in the world:  from heart to heart, form person to person. The best books, the coolest movies (the best religious education program) cannot substitute for parents or grandparents who say “I believe in Jesus.  May I show you how wonderful that is?” Or, “Come, let’s set out together and learn more about our loving God.” Nothing can substitute for the conversation between people who love and trust each other.  Only in a space of loving closeness can the treasure of the faith be shared, passed on, or discovered together.  …And it is not only the children who learn something.   How often have parents said, “It was only when I explained it to my child that it really made sense to me.”
(Taken from Youcat for Kids p 8)

Bible Suggestions for Younger Children

Bible Suggestions for Older Children

Suggestions for April 18 Lesson

Religious Education at home for Preschoolers-Grade 8

Fuel with Pflaum is family-based religious education in the home with guidance and support from a facilitator throughout the year.  Fuel with Pflaum uses the Gospel Weeklies that many of our families are familiar with and have been using in our program for several years.  We will be hosting five Faith and Fun days at St. Max! These are designated days for parent and child to pick up resources, drop of assignments, and participate in other activities and surprises.  We will follow all parish safety measures to make sure these events are safe and comfortable for everyone.  The next event is scheduled for May 2 & 3.  Registration is required.  Look for registration link in your email a couple weeks before event date.

Monthly Highlights

The Fuel with Pflaum formation program for youth will be based in the home.  There will be weekly lessons; however, this format allows you the flexibility of completing most of it according to your own schedule.  Our educational consultant, Joan Stoltz, will be putting together a monthly video to highlight some activities and suggestions that will help you in your faith journey.  The video will be linked to this webpage.

For 7th & 8th Graders
 7th and 8th graders have the option of choosing Fuel with Pflaum OR Ignite for their catechesis OR they can do both. We are waiving all fees for 7th & 8th graders this year. Learn more about Ignite here. 

Ministry Contacts

Mary Lou Baker
(513) 777-4322
Ext 120


Registration & Fees

Regular Fee: $95/child. Family Max $295.
There are still some spots in our Faith on Fire program. Register soon to be part of our kick off events!

NEW! 7th and 8th graders have the option of choosing Fuel with Pflaum OR Ignite for their catechesis OR they can do both.  We are waiving all fees for 7th & 8th graders this year.

Register Online

New to Fuel with Pflaum?

Welcome! Watch our welcome video!

Welcome Video

VIRTUS Child Protection

All adults who work with children on a regular basis need to have a background check and attend the VIRTUS Child Protection Workshop.  Pre-register for a workshop and obtain your background check at VIRTUS Online.  Contact Ruth Trentman in the Parish office to get a Fastrax token to pay for your background check.  

An approval letter must be received by the parish BEFORE volunteer work can begin.  Click the picture above for more information.

How to Protect Your Children - AOC