Proftable Tears: The Challenge of Children Who Have Left the Church

What can I do when my child is no longer practicing?

St. John Paul II’s Prayer for Families

May the Virgin Mary, Mother of the Church, be also mother of the domestic church.  Through her maternal help, may every Christian family truly become a little church which reflects and relives the mystery of the Church of Christ.

May you who are the servant of the Lord, be our example of a humble and generous welcome of the will of God!  You who are the mother of sorrows at the foot of the cross, be there to lighten our loads, and wipe away the tears of those afflicted by family difficulties.

May Christ the Lord, King of the Universe, King of families, be present, as at Cana, in every Christian home, to communicate his light, joy, serenity and strength.

May every family generously add its share to the coming of his kingdom on earth.

To Christ and to you, Mary, we entrust our families.


If you feel a burden in your heart for your loved ones, it is an invitation from Jesus to intercede. He has already paid the price for their salvation and He invites you to surrender your concerns to Him and join in His intercession. So we come before You, Lord Jesus, in a spirit of confidence in Your great mercy. We thank You for the ways You are at work in our hearts and in the lives of our family even when we don’t see it. Through the intercession of our Blessed Mother, we confidently surrender all of our loved ones and our concerns for them into Your merciful Heart. Jesus, I trust In You!


-Deacon Mike McKeown