Keeping Our Children Safe

If you volunteer with children at St. Max, please take a few moments to read this. Thank you.

No cleric, employee or regular volunteer is to have contact with children without first being approved by the Archdiocese. At St. Max we encourage all volunteers, whether they have contact with children or not, to complete the child protection training.  Approval consists of attending a VIRTUS® training, staying current on monthly VIRTUS® bulletins, and an online background check. All regular volunteers who have contact with children must be approved before beginning ministry. We trust you will understand the need to be 100% compliant as your dedication to our children is evidence of your love and concern for them. If you have any questions about your status as a volunteer, please contact Ruth in the parish office, 513-777-4322 ext. 112.

Decree on Child Protection

The Decree was updated in July 2018. Please visit the Archdiocesan website, for a complete copy of the revised decree.

As of Spring 2013 all St. Max volunteers, whether previously approved or not, were to have attended a VIRTUS® training session to volunteer with children. If you have not attended a VIRTUS® session, you can register by going to You can attend a training session (generally three hours) anywhere in the Archdiocese. You must pre-register for the VIRTUS® session; walk-ins are not allowed.

Monthly Bulletins

Part of the VIRTUS® program is the ongoing education component via online monthly bulletins. The bulletins cover a variety of topics and are meant to deepen the awareness formed at the VIRTUS® training session. Any person who misses three or more monthly bulletins will be suspended and will need to speak with the local safe environment coordinator to be reinstated. They may be required to complete additional online training before they are allowed any further contact with children. Approval is no longer once and done; you must stay current on bulletins to stay approved.

Background Check

SELECTION.COM, a national, Catholic faith-based background check company located in the Cincinnati area, provides all background check services for the Archdiocese. The background check is done online and can be accessed via your VIRTUS® account if you already have one, or as part of the VIRTUS® registration for new volunteers. There is a $25 cost for the background check. St. Max will pay for our volunteers; you must contact the parish office in advance for a code to use during the SELECTiON.COM registration.  If you have questions about the online background check, please contact Ruth in the parish office or call 513-777-4322 Ext. 112.

Thanks for your ongoing commitment to keeping our children safe.

Ministry Contacts

Ruth Trentman
(513) 777-4322
Ext 112
Sacrament Prep Information Meetings

Sacrament Prep Information Meetings

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Join St. Max

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