Come Holy Spirit Mini Retreat

The Come Holy Spirit Retreat should be a welcome break from your regular Pflaum routine and will help ease you into the second semester of lessons.  It is meant for the entire family to view.  There are three parts and a section about prayer in the Come Holy Spirit retreat, but do not feel like you must watch all three parts in one sitting.  Take breaks over the course of the week and allow the content to sink in.  The Come Holy Spirit Retreat Reflection Template in your packet will be the only thing you need to turn in for the week of January 10 and only submit ONE template per family.  So, there is no need for your children to turn in a homework template for the Gospel on January 17, but feel free to work through that Gospel Weekly if desired.  We pray that the Holy Spirit will set your hearts on fire for Our Lord who is now among us!  Enjoy!

Part 3: Bingo Game

Inside the packet you picked up is everything you need for the bingo game!

Reflection Template

To fill out the reflection template you can use the paper in your packet or download one using the link below. If you use the link make sure to save the PDF first before filling it out. Then, print it and bring it with you to the next pick-up.