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 “Our social mission should be integrated throughout parish life. As the story of the Last Judgment in Matthew’s Gospel reminds us, in the end we will all be judged by how we have cared for the least among us. This means that the Catholic social mission is an essential part of the faith life of every able Catholic. It must be woven into education programs so that all Catholics learn about Catholic social teaching. It must be reflected in the prayer and worship of our faith community. And it must include a wide range of opportunities for members of our parishes to act on the social dimensions of our faith.  In the role of leader/organizer/planner for the Outreach Commission, the critical task at hand is to organize, invite, recruit, orchestrate and create opportunities for the parish—and all of its members—to become engaged." 


The Outreach Commission is one of four parish commissions under the auspices of the Pastoral Council. The Outreach Commission is charged with ensuring that Christ's Gospel command to care for the 'least of these' flows from all parts of parish life. The commission supports growth of ministries at St. Max that support the vision of Catholic Social Teaching and the Corporal & Spiritual Works of Mercy as set forth by the Church. The commission acts as a sounding board, advising the pastoral staff, and assisting in efforts to support the service life of our parish.   


2017-2018 Outreach Commission Members

Gail Allshouse 

Jennifer Boyd

Greg Ehlert

April Foley

Lamis Hajjar, Chair

Jenn Klenke

Scott Loiselle 

Holly Moran, Ex officio (pastoral associate)

Scott Schnegg

Joan Stoltz

Margie Ubriaco

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The Outreach Commission Logo

The Outreach Commission logo consists of three primary components.

The globe: As members of the Outreach Commission, we look to the St. Max community and beyond, and how our efforts impact God's larger community. Our responsibilities to God's creation do not stop at the water's edge.

The hands: The hands represent our duty to reach out to those in need regardless of their appearance or physical, emotional or spiritual state. The colors of the hands represent the diversity of the Outreach Commission, the St. Max community, and the whole of humankind. God makes no distinction to appearance. We are reminded that many hands working together are evidence of God's Kingdom in the world. It is in service to our neighbors - locally and around the world - that help to preach the Gospel daily.

The Cross: The Cross at the center of the logo reminds us that just as Christ is central in the lives of Christians and members of the St. Max parish, Christ is central in our mission and the people we seek to help. While Jesus walked the earth, he led by example and embraced those who no one else wanted to or those who were pariahs. While on the cross, Jesus himself exemplified the pariah and challenged all of us to embrace him as he had done for us.

The logo is encased in a circular, four-pane window. The flame at the top represents the Holy Spirit that directs the minds and hearts of all commissions of St. Max. The four panes represent the church building - the place from which we are sent forth to glorify God with our lives.

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